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Place your coffee into Nespresso® compatible capsules

The capsule packing plant is one of most advanced and sophisticated installations in Australasia with top of the range German and Italian equipment. It uniquely houses all facilities and processes under one roof and has the distinction of being exclusively set up for capsules starting from the green bean through to shelf ready retail packaging.

Your capsules will be of the super lungo variety and should command a higher retail price than the normal 5 gram capsules or the Nespresso® Lungo variety with 5.5 grams.

Your Nespresso® compatible capsules will be of superior quality, particularly when compared to the supermarket and other varieties on offer.

Your capsules will enjoy these features:

  • A superior quality French produced capsule.
  • For those selecting foil overwrap, a superior quality French made sachet.
  • Ultrasonically sealed foils free of glue material.
  • Tamper proof seals.
  • Volumetrically calculated dosage to optimise the quality and the flavours of your coffee and its pour.
  • Unbranded house blends are 100% Arabica Speciality Grade Coffee.
  • Total Nespresso® compatibility.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • More coffee in the capsule than Nespresso® or any other Nespresso® compatible capsule.
  • All capsules are lungos.
  • 18 months best use by date.

Capsul'in IML Barrier Capsule Options:

Phase 1: Coloured IML Capsules -
Choice of 5 colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver (All capsules will have a silver foil lid and silver foil bottom)
MOQ 37,500 capsules per blend.

Phase 2: Customised branding
Customised IML branding
MOQ 250,000 units per SKU. The total cost of customised branding option will be required to be paid in full prior to orders being placed.

Coloured IML Capsules

  • Available from 9 December 2016.

Custom Branded IML Capsules

  • Available from February 2017.
  • A 16 week supplier lead time applies to this product.

Packaging Options:
Capsule packaging options are limited to either a plain black or custom inner carton containing 10 coffee capsules. Each inner will be packed into either a plain or customised outer carton containing 6 inner cartons.

What is the minimum amount of coffee you can do?

The minimum amount of Coffee that should be sent to us is 250kg (roasted weight) to accommodate the minimum order quantity of capsules. If you want to place a larger order for capsules it is recommended you talk to us about your requirements to work out the amount of coffee required to be shipped down to the facility.

What is the minimum number of capsules we can order?

If you provide green or roasted beans, the minimum quantity is 37,500 capsules. If you are using house blends or unbranded labels, the minimum quantity is negotiable depending on stocks available.

Do you accept green beans or roasted beans?

Both Green and Roasted Beans are accepted

Do you accept ground coffee?

No, we only accept whole roasted beans as the coffee is ground by roller mills to ensure a perfect grind for your coffee.

What is the average turnaround time for an order?

From receipt of the beans for shipment to be ready it would take between 1 to 2 weeks.

How is everything dispatched?

All goods are typically palletised and dispatched by road, sea or air freight in accordance with your requirements.

What packaging options do I have? (Loose, Packed etc)

Hermetically Sealed Capsules
Individual boxes of 10 capsules placed in an outer carton of 6 boxes.

Carton Outers

100% Biodegradable and Compostable Capsules

Sachet/Foil Sealed Standard capsules
Loose cartons of 250 individually wrapped capsules. Ideal for Caterers, sample packs, office kitchens, mini-bars and restaurants.

Can you provide packaging design and printing?

Yes we can. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can download our Graphic Design Requirements from us in Adobe Acrobat format.

Colour options for Capsules and seals?

The capsule colours are limited by the type of capsule being used.

Capsul'in Compost capsules are only avaiable in white. Seals only come in Beige/off white.

Capsul'in V3 capsules are only available in black.

Capsul'in IML capsules are avaiable in a choice of 5 colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver (All capsules will have a silver foil lid and Black foil bottom).

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