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Skybury Coffee

Skybury Coffee Australian Coffee Centre Logo

I have been for many years a regular visitor to the Skybury Coffee Plantation, having taken there family, friends, business colleagues and overseas visitors.

The location, the view and the ambiance are outstanding. Combine that with coffee and you have an incredible combination of the best of taste and sight!

The romantic in me has always been taken by Skybury's spectacular vistas thinking to myself that perhaps it could just be the place to have your dream home and escape from the world.

Add to this my immense love for coffee and you have all the combined ingredients of vision, taste and aroma as well as the moral, ethical, environmental and political attributes of coffee.

When The taste of Skybury coffee beans won a gold medal in Best Australian Coffee for Jasper Coffee at the 2008 Golden Bean awards, Wells Trenfield, a director of Jasper Coffee and a passionate coffee advocate said: "Ian MacLaughlin and his team have coaxed the best flavoured bean from the tropical soils, and my team have roasted to extract the nuance and profile of the coffee to reveal the wonderful flavours within."

"I have always roasted Skybury because I recognize the pronounced identity of distinct sweet earthy caramel flavours with honeysuckle aromas that are unique to this coffee and the processing of this fruit."

My wife and I have enjoyed our time at Skybury working with the team to bring to their clients the perfect grind for our Capsul'in empty capsules.

Skybury coffee can now be enjoyed by Nespresso® machine owners using our Capsul'in empty capsules.

Ramzi Halabi

Skybury Coffee details

136 Ivicevic Road
Paddy's Green, Mareeba
Queensland 4880 Australia

Phone:07 4093 2190

Open daily 10am to 4pm. Closed on Good Friday (Easter) and over Christmas from Dec 20 to 26 inclusive.

The wooden sign as you approach the Australian Coffee Centre at Skybury near Mareeba in North Queensland.

Enjoy a Coffee at Skybury
Finding the perfect grind

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