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Capsul'in is always looking at ways to improve their coffee capsule, and their innovation has led to from their earliest days of the Version 1 capsule through to their new Barrier Capsule.

"The mission has always been the same for our company - that is to assist all coffee roasters to access the single serve coffee market."

But they are not sitting on their laurels, but continue to innovate with a new compostable capsule which they aim to have ready for market by the end of the year.

The compostable capsule offers the most eco-friendly of all the coffee capsules on the market today, instead of having to worry about recycling programs*, you can now just put your capsule into your normal bin with confidence as you know it will fully compost in landfill without harming the environment. And if you have your own compost bin at home, even better, just place your used capsules into the compost bin and let nature do its course in breaking down the capsule.

The fully compostable capsule is ideal for the roaster who wants to present a clean green image, something that current Nespresso® Capsules** do not provide. Fair Trade and Organic coffee is good for the social and environmentally conscious customer, but the plastics and metals that can be found in the capsules may be off putting, so the pairing of the compostable capsules with Organic and possibly Fair Trade*** allows you to present that all important Clean and Green message about the coffee you sell and the environmental message that you want to impart.

* Most council recycling schemes require you to empty the containers being recycled. In the case of coffee capsules it means rinsing out all the ground coffee in the capsule before you can put it into your recycling bin. Also you will need to check on what types of Plastic your local council will accept in its recycling bins as some forms/types are not accepted.

** Nespresso® offers a capsule recycling service where you have to take your used capsules to a recycling collection point which is only useful if you live near one.

*** Fair Trade certification is only applicable for coffee grown in certain parts of the world. Australian grown coffee typically does not display the Fair Trade certification.

Your Capsule — Your Way!

In addition to the compostable capsule Capsul'in is also working on fully customisable capsules for their clients and partners, allowing a choice of colour, as well as name and pictures to be placed on the capsule itself. Initially this option will only be for their non-compostable capsules, but should be available for their compostable capsules soon after.

Laurent Lombart of Capsul'in has said "This customised capsule is a way for us to propose a completely individual capsule for our clients and partners,"

While we do not expect the fully customised capsule option such as logos to be cost effective for the small roaster with small production runs compared to the larger players, we expect some customised options such as capsule colour would be appreciated and well priced on the market.

We at My Coffee Capsule are looking forward to bring you the latest in coffee capsule technology as soon as it becomes available in Australia.

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