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Making a consistently good coffee is not as simple as it seems

Making the perfect cup of coffee can be hard, replicating that result each and every time is even harder. If you seek to achieve quality and consistency at home or at your workplace, you may find yourself disappointed. Different people using the same blend of coffee and the same espresso machine can produce startlingly different results.

This variation in coffee quality and strength was the subject of a recent article in the Sunday Mail 'Why Coffee Isn't All Black and White' based on a paper soon to be published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. This article discusses the fact that testing reveals the strength of the caffeine in your typical cup of coffee can vary from shop to shop even within the same chain of coffee retailers. As most chains will use the same equipment and blend of coffee throughout their businesses, how can this variation possibly occur? The wild card is the barista who makes your coffee! Different baristas will make coffee differently with variations in the amount of coffee used, the amount of tamping, the temperature and pressure of the water flow and his adherence and efficiency in the cleaning of the espresso machine. Each of these decisions and actions of your barista affects the taste and the strength of the coffee from cup to cup within the same blend.

How does this affect you at home or in the office?

Well if different baristas can make coffee from the same source using the same models of machine and produce different tasting coffee, how can we mere mortals be expected to make that perfect cup of coffee every time?

You may have experienced that poor cup of coffee yourself! A colleague or friend may make terrible coffee, even if they normally make good coffee - it could be that they are having a bad day and offer up a lousy cup.

At home a bad cup of coffee may not help you to start you up for the day, while in the office you may offer coffee to drink for waiting clients or in meetings - a bad cup of coffee here can easily give the wrong impression.

Capsule coffee machines like the Nespresso® system take the guess work out of making coffee, allowing anyone to produce a consistently good cup of coffee. It doesn't matter who makes the coffee or what they are feeling like at the time, you know that by using a capsule system, the taste of the coffee will be consistent. The major disadvantage of capsule coffee machines in comparison to regular espresso coffee machines is their limited range of coffee blends. Capsul'in empty coffee capsules allow you to use the coffee of your choice from your roaster and produce a consistent cup of coffee you can be proud of every single time. Capsul'in also allows you to support local business.

A Steaming Cup of Coffee

A bad cup of coffee can ruin anyone's day
A bad cup of coffee can ruin anyone's day.

There are many alternatives on the market for the Nespresso® coffee machines, from refillable capsules to generic pre filled capsules, but how does Capsul'in stand compared with these?
I think extremely well, and so do our customers. If you want to see how Capsul'in compares to the alternatives please read the following: "Compare our capsules against the alternatives."

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Making a consistently good coffee is not as simple as it seems.

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