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Going Green

My Coffee Capsule talks about going green with the release of the Capsul'in compostable coffee capsule.

This article was printed in the Cairns Post Business section on the 11th of January 2017.
Reporter: Hayden Smith
Originally titled: Where has this good idea bean all this time?

A CAIRNS coffee capsule expert is driving a new era of clean, green Nespresso compatible capsules for the domestic and overseas markets.

My Coffee Capsule, based on Lake St, will next week receive its first shipment of fully compostable and biodegradable products.

"We've been working towards this for a couple of years now - it's very exciting." said chief executive Ramzi Halabi.

Mr Halabi said the new coffee-filled capsules, called Cap'Mundo, could be disposed of into regular rubbish bins and were capable of decomposing within 12 weeks. According to the Cap'Mundo website, the biodegradable and fully compostable capsules offer "an environmentally friendly solution with no additional effort required by the coffee consumer".

While the initial capsule shipment is from France, Mr Halabi said his associated Sydney-based facility would start contract packing the environmentally friendly capsules in March.

The capsules will then be made available Australia wide as well as to coffee producers, including the Far North's Skybury and Jaques.

"This is the way of the future for coffee capsules," Mr Halabi said. And Jason Jaques of Jaques Coffee Plantation, near Mareeba, said the eco-friendly products were appealing for coffee producers and customers.

"We have been provided with samples of the compostable capsules and we are happy to test drive them with our next order," he said.

There are many alternatives on the market for the Nespresso® coffee machines, from refillable capsules to generic pre filled capsules, but how does Capsul'in stand compared with these?
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Going Green! My Coffee Capsule talks about going green with the release of the Capsul'in compostable coffee capsule.

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