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Innovative ways on packaging prefilled capsules

There are many ways to package coffee, and with capsule coffee the story is no different.

Nespresso® capsule coffee comes in cardboard sleeves, while most compatible capsules come in boxes with the individual capsules sealed with nitrogen in their own little foil bag.

The reason for the little sachets is to preserve the quality of the coffee as the capsules are generally pre perforated and require sealing to stop the coffee going stale while enhancing shelf life.

For the Capsul'in domestic user, the capsules are traditionally filled on the spot from a sealed coffee container.

If a reseller wants to prefill Capsul'in capsules for sale, they need to consider the shelf life and storage.

For most roasters, the answer is already there in their coffee shop: the side gusset coffee bag, some with a degassing valve built in, others without. Prefilled capsules can simply be put into a bag, and then placed on the shelf ready to sell. With lower production rates, and a faster roaster to consumer time than the big players the basic coffee bag is all that is required.

Another option is being used by one of our customers in the form of a plastic tube capable of holding 10 capsules, and has a removable plug with built in hook for hanging on display hooks. The plastic tube offers improved presentation over the normal coffee bags and requires less shelf space. The sleeve is also useful for the coffee drinker as it enables them to see how many capsules they have remaining and the sleeve can easily be re-used as a capsule holder.

There are many alternatives on the market for the Nespresso® coffee machines, from refillable capsules to generic pre filled capsules, but how does Capsul'in stand compared with these?
I think extremely well, and so do our customers. If you want to see how Capsul'in compares to the alternatives please read the following: "Compare our capsules against the alternatives."

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Innovative ways on packaging prefilled coffee

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