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Melbourne International Coffee Expo

My Coffee Capsule attending the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2012

Melbourne International Coffee Expo 4 to 6 may 2012

We attended the inaugural Melbourne International Coffee Expo held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from the 4th to 6th of May 2012. Spread over two acres, it was touted to be the largest dedicated coffee trade show ever staged in Australia.

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th were trade days, and Sunday 6th May was open to trade and the general public.

There were 115 registered exhibitors but the true number was less with a number of participants listing under different trading names.

A wide range of the coffee industry was represented, including green bean traders, wholesale roasters, commercial and domestic equipment, cafes and franchises, coffee equipment, accessories and education and training.

The AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) hosted the Australian Coffee Championships during the show. Competitions included the Australian Latte Art, Cup Tasting, Barista and Brewers Cup Championships. The live heats of these competitions took place on the first 2 days, with the finals being held on the 3rd and final day.

Well known coffee roasters Ross Quail and Bruno Merlo were amongst the judges. We only attended 2 of those events.

As our field of interest was narrow, only a handful of the exhibitors were of relevant interest to My Coffee Capsule. We were able to make some useful contacts and managed to sell out the stocks we had shipped ahead of our trip.

Interestingly, there was no one besides My Coffee Capsule with Nespresso® compatible empty capsules. In the field of filled coffee capsules, only MAP had a stand. Their capsules are singular to their machines and their machines lack the elegant lines, sophistication and model choice of Nespresso®.

Overall, we felt the Expo was professionally organised - it however was deficient by the total absence of either the Australian Coffee Growers Association or any of its members. It is our belief that the Expo organisers should have made an effort to offer incentives to attract Australian growers particularly when the cost of exhibiting was so high. The PNG Coffee growers were the only growers we saw with a stand.

Capsul'in empty capsules: although the empty capsules were not of general interest, they were nonetheless well received. Our demonstrations were successful. Our faithful Nespresso® Pixie machine ceased on us during our final public demonstration. Fortunately, a spare one was available at the venue.

We will certainly consider participating at the next Expo and as a result of our initial experience, we will be better prepared with more enhanced demonstrations, product displays and stocks.

Demonstrating the advantages of Capsul\

Opening New markets for Nespresso<sup>®</sup> Machines with Capsul\

Demonstrating the advantages of Capsul\

Demonstrating the advantages of Capsul\

My Coffee Capsule with the Capsul\in Empty Coffee Capsules at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2012

There are many alternatives on the market for the Nespresso® coffee machines, from refillable capsules to generic pre filled capsules, but how does Capsul'in stand compared with these?
I think extremely well, and so do our customers. If you want to see how Capsul'in compares to the alternatives please read the following: "Compare our capsules against the alternatives."

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What is next for Capsul'in The Clean Green Capsule and future trends. Capsul'in plans on the world's first fully compostable coffee capsule, as well as their plans for their current coffee capsule.

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Capsul'in improves the state of coffee in PNG

Innovative ways on packaging prefilled coffee

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